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MONICA, acronym of Innovative MONItoring of Coasts and environment, is a PON project coordinated by the National institute of Geophysics and Volcanology aimed at the prevention and monitoring of environmental emergencies, specifically focused on coasts.

HPSYSTEM.IT has provided a fundamental contribution in this field by designing a submarine system functional to monitoring seismic and bradyseismic phenomena. This utilizes a Junction Box linked to the digital and sensorial technology MEMS. The Junction Box contains the electronic system used to synchronize sensors according to standards IEEI.588 and the tools to convert the electric signal to optical signal. To this purpose, the ends of the sensors are converged (via optic fiber technology) to the acquisition system on land through a special reinforced cable.

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TOP-IN Scarl – OPTOFER Project

OPTOFER is a research project, led by Ansaldo STS SpA, aimed at the experimentation of optical-electronic technologies that are innovative in the monitoring and diagnosis of railway infrastructures. HPSYSTEM.IT has contributed, as project partner, to the development of a seismic sensor prototype in optic fiber used on a data measurement and acquisition system.



DIST Uniparthenope – Skin Temperature

Study on space and time variability of sea’s “skin temperature” measured by sensors of the latest generation placed on autonomous vehicles. The system is made of a stick, sensored by an array of precision temperature sensors, connected to a small special floater. Simultaneously to temperature measurements, the slope of the stick is recorded so that an ad-hoc algorithm, developed by HPSYSTEM.IT, allows associations of a specific space reference to temperature measures.



Igea Spa – Henry’s Gallery

HPSYSTEM.IT has designed and installed a monitoring system of static stability in Henry’s gallery in Buggeru, in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The system is made of 6 internal stations (to measure convergence, deformation and pressure) and 3 internal station (to determine the subsidence of rocks masses). Data is sent daily to a remote control station managed by Igea SpA.