Upgrading, expansion, modernization and recovery of sites and systems


Given the rapid obsolescence of technologies and technological and structural inadequacy with which monitoring systems often were (and are) designed, it is common to meet monitoring systems which have fallen in disuse. Other times they would no longer respond to the needs of the project for which they were conceived, or the same needs have changed overtime. HPSYSTEM.IT provides the soft skills of its staff of technicians and engineers to design and complete works of redevelopment, extension and modernization of monitoring systems and installations, assessing the feasibility of the recovery of damaged systems and proceeding, when possible, to the restoration of the same. A typical example of problems addressed and solved by HPSYSTEM.IT concerns the recovery of inclinometer tubes which, due to progression of the terrain within which they are installed, are physiologically subject to restrictions or breakages that hinder the passage of the inclined metric probe and measurements with traditional systems, therefore making the whole monitoring system unusable. Years of applied research have enabled HPSYSTEM.IT to develop an innovative electro-optical-mechanical system, through which it is possible to retrieve the inclinometer tubes fallen into disuse, with obvious advantages for the customer in terms of costs.

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