HPSYSTEM.IT has a broad portfolio of solutions in the field of environmental monitoring for the marine, river and lake environment. These are integrated hardware and software high-tech solutions, which provide a strong contribution to the extent of the physical and chemical quantities at the base of preventive investigations and implementing plans. This is in reference not only to provide an overview, both broad and detailed, of the water body in physical and chemical terms, but also in relation to supplementary monitoring services that have as operative context the marine, port, river or lake environment. The category of monitoring solutions in the marine environment includes the buoy-weather stations of the HPS WAVE BUOY family, consisting of a metric wave functional directional buoy characterized in terms of height, frequency and direction of the waves, to which are optionally integrated various sensors for a complete characterization of meteorological and marine parameters. Another technologically advanced solution covers the underwater monitor system mainly related to the monitoring of earthquakes and bradyseismic phenomena. This solution exploits a junction box to which is connected the digital sensors in MEMS technology. The junction box contains the electronics for the synchronization of the sensors according to the IEEE1588 standard, and devices for converting the electric signal into the optical signal. In fact, the sensors outputs are routed to the acquisition system located on the ground through fiber optic technology via a special reinforced cable (please view the article). The fiber optic cable is, among other things, used as fiber optic distributed sensor to reconstruct accurate strain and temperature profiles. Among the solutions in the marine environment, there is also a measurement system of the water surface temperature (this may be integrated with other sensors) consisting of a rod, sensorized using an array of precision temperature sensors, attached to a special small craft. In parallel with temperature measurement, the rod angle is sampled so that an ad hoc measure algorithm, developed by HPSYSTEM.IT programmers, ensures the association of an accurate spatial reference to the temperature measurements (please view the article). A quality monitoring and the monitoring of the chemical-physical composition of the water is implementable through the multiparameter probes of HPSYSTEM.IT (also integrated with respect to previous solutions), modeled in terms of type and number of sensors, and in terms of mechanical structure according to the specific application and the specific requirements. In HPSYSTEM.IT catalog can also be found complementary ports monitoring systems as Marinasat and Blackbox.

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