Whatever the requirement of his interlocutor, from the single sensor for a specific task, to a complex and integrated monitoring system, HPSYSTEM.IT provides a detailed and comprehensive advisory service.

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HPSYSTEM.IT designs instrumentation and hardware/software monitoring integrated systems which can capture, process, transmit and return, in real time, the collected data.

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HPSYSTEM.IT uses qualified technicians who provide the installation of the system without delay so that this can be delivered and made immediately operating.

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HPSYSTEM.IT provides customer support even at the later stages of the start-up of its products and systems, with a view to continuity of service and constant maintenance of quality standards of the same.

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Equipment Rental

With the aim of satisfying all customer needs, HPSYSTEM.IT also offers the possibility to rent the equipment, with the option of technical assistance, partial or complete, provided by qualified technicians.

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Services on pre-existing systems

HPSYSTEM.IT provides the soft skills of its staff of technicians and engineers to design and complete works of redevelopment, extension and modernization of monitoring systems and installations

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