Environmental Monitoring



In compliance with the company’s mission and its code of ethics, HPSYSTEM.IT has made significant efforts in applied research on the monitoring of environmental parameters. The result is a wide range of sensors, systems and services, technologically advanced, able to acquire information on environmental processes in place. HPSYSTEM.IT offers complete solutions for the monitoring of environmental parameters related to both internal and external environments. In this way, not only it provides a significant contribution to air and water pollution monitoring, but also provides assistance with respect to the environmental management and the optimum use of the resources it made available to man. In fact, HPSYSTEM.IT sensors are of fundamental importance in the field of agronomy allowing to evaluate the feasibility and workability of soils, seeding, fertilization and the available water supply. In the field of agro-meteorological, HPSYSTEM.IT sensors help the calculation of water budgets for individual crops and the planning of emergency irrigation interventions. The contribution of HPSYSTEM.IT is also decisive with respect to the containment of risk connected to washouts and in the monitoring of seismic and bradyseismic phenomena, both terrestrial and submarine. HPSYSTEM.IT solutions provide extremely high-speed acquisition and restitution of data, even remotely, so to enable effective preventive investigations and early warnings, and allow operators to intervene in a timely manner.

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