Whatever the requirement of his interlocutor, from the single sensor for a specific task, to a complex and integrated monitoring system, HPSYSTEM.IT provides a detailed and comprehensive advisory service. To the needs and priorities of the customer HPSYSTEM.IT adds up the knowledge gained through years of research applied to the development of innovative products, thanks also to the collaboration of several prestigious partners.

The customer is thus guided through each stage of the project with advanced services of engineering consultancy:

• Feasibility analysis, aimed at a preliminary verification of the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the project;

• Definition of operational strategies, in terms of objectives, priorities, execution mode, timing and scheduling of work;

• Design of the entire system or the individual product;

• Installation;

• Commissioning & start-up of the systems;

• Management and maintenance;

• Expansion and / or modernization of existing systems;

• Recovery of damaged or obsolete sites and plants.

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