Optosensing Srl

Optosensing is an academic spinoff of the Second University of Naples and HPSYSTEM.IT, which controls 60%. Taking advantage of the collaboration between engineers and researchers with renowned international expertise, it manufactures monitoring systems distributed in fiber optic. The Optosensing technology allows measurements of strain and temperature dynamically and in continuous, with very high spatial resolution.



Isg Scarl

ISG is a consortium in which converge deep expertise and international experience of a solid team of engineers, geologists and professionals. Along with HPSYSTEM.IT, it is part of the consortium Etabeta Srl, an expert in topography, bathymetry and aerial photography, Deep Sea Technology Srl, an expert in underwater installations, and Enviroconsult, supplier of services and technologies for aquatic ecosystems.



TOP.IN Scarl

HPSYSTEM.IT is part of TOP-IN, Optoelectronic technologies for the industry, a consortium which brings together 13 SMEs, two companies of Finmeccanica, CNR, INGV, three university centers of Campania and two university consortia.

The aim of the consortium is to develop innovative optoelectronic systems for monitoring and diagnostics activities.