Ocean wave

Marine Monitoring

HPSYSTEM.IT has a broad portfolio of solutions in the field of environmental monitoring in the marine environment, river and lake.

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Environmental Monitoring

In compliance with the company’s mission and its code of ethics, HPSYSTEM.IT has made efforts major in applied research in the monitoring of environmental parameters.

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Geotechnical and Geophysical Monitoring

HPSYSTEM.IT develops complete solutions for geotechnical and geophysical monitoring, related to each operating environment, both on land and underwater.
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Structural Monitoring

HPSYSTEM.IT realizes fully automatic monitoring systems which allow an accurate, reliable and instantaneous diagnosis of structural deterioration of the building or the work.

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Essential prerogative to HPSYSTEM.IT is to contribute to the safety of people and the environment. With this in mind, HPSYSTEM.IT offers several products, systems and services.

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