Sensor Design and Monitoring Systems


HPSYSTEM.IT designs instrumentation and hardware/software monitoring integrated systems which can capture, process, transmit and return, in real time, the collected data. HPSYSTEM.IT works in order to develop and provide new systems, high-tech and fully digitalized, which can make a strong contribution to the extent of physical quantities at the base of preventive surveys and early warning analysis in the field of geotechnical, geophysical, structural, environmental and energy. Every design is preceded by a preliminary assessment of the feasibility and appropriateness of the installation site, as well as its characteristics. These, along with the system’s requirements, will help to define the specifications of the project and, therefore, to design the hardware and software architecture of the system, in terms of number and type of sensors and acquisition mode, management and transmission of data. HPSYSTEM.IT offers the opportunity to integrate their high-performance products even within an existing fiber optic network using POF (Power Over Fiber).

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