Structural Monitoring



Buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels and monumental works are products of man and, as such, anything but eternal. The time, the stress caused by external agents or a combination of the two can weaken and diminish the reliability of a structure. HPSYSTEM.IT realizes fully automatic monitoring systems which allow an accurate, reliable and instantaneous diagnosis of structural deterioration of the building or the work, in order to allow timely maintenance interventions, targeted to the preservation or restoration of the safety conditions. Relative cave in, translation, rotation, walls crushing and causes that led to them: HPSYSTEM.IT has a complete range of sensors that enable the complete characterization of a structure in relation to specific parameters of interest, and, therefore, to implement analytical models for real-time evaluation of the structural behavior. The monitoring solutions devised by HPSYSTEM.IT are integrated solutions, hardware and software, completely digitized and with distributed intelligence that involve the use of nanotechnology, so as to increase performance and, at the same time, reduce the dimensions and determine a very low impact with the structure. Among other things, they offer the possibility of web-based remote control, with different optional warning systems which automatically send alarm SMS to the service manager in the case of system failures or exceeded alerts threshold. In fact, HPSYSTEM.IT solutions help to maximize the life of works and structures and to increase the level of security by providing a decisive contribution in risk management in relation to real-time diagnostics and to the planning stages of interventions.

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