Essential prerogative of HPSYSTEM.IT is to contribute to the security of people and environment. For this reason, not only we design devices and systems which are safe and compliant with applicable security laws, but also contribute to raise the safety standards of civil and industrial establishments and existing installations. With this in mind, HPSYSTEM.IT offers several products, systems and services. For example, HPSYSTEM.IT designs, in line with its customers’ requests, advanced and integrated fire-detecting systems in any operating environment. Also, it develops detection and implementation systems with regards to toxic or explosive gases and water contamination, aimed at both environmental security and the safety of people and facilities. In addition, it develops innovative solutions in the field of intrusion detection, providing the necessary know-how to offer its customer the most suitable technology implementation with respect to the specific need. Another result of the commitment HPSYSTEM.IT in reference to safety is Blusat, a satellite anti-theft system, with remote control, which allows to trace, through smartphone or PC, a vehicle position. This increases the safety of the vehicle, the driver, the cargo and passengers, and provides access to insurance policies with more favorable terms.

In his “Flotte” version, Blusat offers companies the ability to locate their vehicles at any time, to monitor certain parameters and, if necessary, to block them so as to protect them against thefts and robberies. In the catalog of HPSYSTEM.IT solutions there are other safety systems as Marinasat and Blackbox. Marinasat is a control system that allows you to monitor the state of the boats 24/7: intrusions, water in the bilge, low battery, unauthorized movement and theft. At the occurrence of one of the anomalies described above, the Station Control Marinasat strategically located at the offices of the Port, will emit an alert signal, providing on a monitor all the information relating to the boat (name, location within the port, name of owner and type of alarm), allowing the personnel to act in an accurate and timely manner, avoiding severe damage to the boat and people. Blackbox offers the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime and with a simple internet connection, the conditions of your boat. The system monitors every event concerning the vessel, allowing, among other things, a future certification of its actual state of use. Simply sending an SMS request to the Blackbox, or accessing the dedicated app from your smartphone, the customer can obtain all the data with regards to the location, course, speed, alarm, battery charge level, the presence of water bilge etc.

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